Heavy Duty Wide Mouth Carboy with Stopcock, HDPE

  • Swirl Maxi is a personal micro centrifuge used for sedimentation of cells and virus, separation of sub-cellular organelles and isolation of macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins or lipids.
  • Swirl Maxi is used in phuscial and chemical analysis, biochemistry, cellular biology, clinical labs, blood donation centre and high-end research.
  • Both RPM and G-force can be displayed.
  • Swirl Maxi has a large ergonomic design with easy to read display and sound.
  • Swirl Maxi is stable and silent during operation. It also delivers fast acceleration and deceleration.
  • Swirl Maxi confirms to international safety standards and regulations. It has also passed the explosion proof test and CE, TUV and FCC marked.
  • Swirl Maxi adapts a Brushless C Motor.
Code Capacity (lts) Mouth Diameter (mm) Height (mm) No. Per Case
P11511 30 250 440 1
P11512 50 250 650 1
P11513 100 250 800 1
P11510 Spare Stopcock 9 NA 1