Cryo Vial External Threaded Sterile, PP

  • Abdos Cryo Vials are manufactured in state of art precision-moulded facility using high purity virgin polypropylene.
  • Abdos Cryo Vials is designed for long term cryogenic storage of biological sample, all type of cells and any enzymes or reagents.
  • Its leak proof cap design and strong wall thickness makes it an ideal product for transporting samples and specimens.
  • These cryo vial are desigend for mechanical freezing and its screw cap reduces risk of contamination due to handling.
  • Manufactured to be used at temperature between -196° C to +121° C.
  • Large white frosted portion easy writing.
  • These Cryo Vials tube are DNAse, RNase and Pyrogen free.
  • Graduatiion in silk-screen printing makes identification easy.
  • Unique Star foot design allows for single hand operation and grooves into Abdos P20616 single hand cryo holder rack.
  • Radiated Sterilized.
  • Avaialable in self-satanding reclosable zipper bags.
  • Amber Cryo Vial can be quoted and supplied on request.
Code Capacity (ml) Outer Diameter (mm) Height (mm) No. Per Case
P60115 1.0 Sterile Skirted Foot 12 41 1000
P60116 1.8 Sterile Skirted Foot 12 48.5 1000
P60117 1.8 Sterile Skirted Foot 12 47.5 1000
P60118 4.5 Sterile Skirted Foot 11.36 86.5 500

*Pls note compatable coders for P60118 Cryo Vial 4.5 ml Skirted Foot is P60104. Sterile Tubes has been validated according to EN ISO 11137 - 2; 2012 for SAL 10-6

*Caution: Do not use Abdos Cryogenic vial in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen. Improper use may cause liquefied nitrogen to be trapped inside the vial and lead to pressure built up resulting in possible explosion or biohazard release. Can be used in vapour phase of liquid nitrogen.